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We offer an individualized curriculum for each student in our school. Our unique and innovative program will incorporate some of the best components of educational programs in the state.  Through the chosen Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) curriculum and instructional practices, we expect to meet the educational needs of every child enrolled.  Our differentiated curricula are designed to meet the needs of students who require additional academic support and to enhance performance for those who are academically successful. Our academic design will allow all students to participate in life skill electives, innovative technology, team sports, and performing arts.
For our early-learning students we use the Early Literacy and Learning Model/Plus (ELLM plus). Additionally, our program will include the following: 
         - Small Class Size
         -  Experience Learning
         - Eight-hour school day
         - Extended Academic Year
         - Summer Remediation and Enrichment
         - Supervised Accelerated Learning Opportunities
         - Mentorship and Leadership Development
         - Parental Involvement Incentive Program

Our reading program will address the Big Six areas for developing successful readers. These include phonemic awareness (hearing and manipulating sounds), phonics (sounding out and spelling spelling of words), vocabulary, fluency (rate of reading with accuracy natural rhythm), comprehension, and oral speaking. Our pre-kindergarten program gives our students a jump-start by preparing them for the next level and enhancing their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills. As we assist our students to in developing these skills at an early age so that they become strong, independent readers who progress to the next level with ease.


As you know, reading and writing are linked. Our writing will not only include emergent writing (drawing, scribbling, handwriting, letter writing, etc.) but the children will also use writing skills to demonstrate reading comprehension and to creatively express their ideas and thinking abilities through storytelling, journal writing, drawing and story boards, etc.


A good foundation in math is essential. With our fun and engaging math activities, numbers become friends and the basic foundation for math is established at an early age. We use manipulative hands-on activities, number sense (counting accurately),representations (making it real life), spatial-sense (geometry), measurements, estimation, patterns, problem solving, etc. for all ages.


Our interactive and engaging Science program will include all areas of science. There will be real life projects, hands-on activities and science experiments to help students develop a love for science. Our students will discover the natural world and apply
scientific processes in daily life.


Our fully immersive music classes help our students express their emotions in a productive and fun way! not only will they learn the classical music disciplines they will also be a


Our art programs are designed to promote creativity in children, allowing them to express themselves. We provide music, dance, drawing, painting, and poetic writing
and expression to allow all students to find their creative talent.

Physical Education

We understand that children need to move. One of the goals of our Physical Education class is to provide daily movement and exercise for our children. Our PE program
includes team sports and individual physical fitness activities.

Class Times

Grade Levels
VPK, K-12th


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