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We offer an individualized curriculum for each student in our school. Our unique and innovative program will incorporate some of the best components of educational programs in the state.  Through the chosen Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) curriculum and instructional practices, we expect to meet the educational needs of every child enrolled.  Our differentiated curricula are designed to meet the needs of students who require additional academic support and to enhance performance for those who are academically successful. Our academic design will allow all students to participate in life skill electives, innovative technology, team sports, and performing arts. For our early-learning students we use the Early Literacy and Learning Model/Plus (ELLM plus). 

General Info
Holy Bible


Our Theology courses are designed to gradually introduce the teachings of Jesus in both old and new testaments of the Christian Bible. Our 11-12th Graders are enrolled into a dual enrollment course through a fully accredited seminary. 

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Sound Equipment


We live in a world where media has become a major part of every human life. Here at AOE we are preparing our students to not only understand this world but use it to make the world a better place.

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Physical Education

We understand that children need to move. One of the goals of our Physical Education class is to provide daily movement and exercise for our children. Our PE programincludes team sports and individual physical fitness activities.

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Our reading program will address the Big Six areas for developing successful readers. These include phonemic awareness (hearing and manipulating sounds), phonics (sounding out and spelling spelling of words), vocabulary, fluency (rate of reading with accuracy natural rhythm), comprehension, and oral speaking. Our pre-kindergarten program gives our students a jump-start by preparing them for the next level and enhancing their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills. As we assist our students to in developing these skills at an early age so that they become strong, independent readers who progress to the next level with ease.

Math Notebook and Calculator


A good foundation in math is essential. With our fun and engaging math activities, numbers become friends and the basic foundation for math is established at an early age. We use manipulative hands-on activities, number sense (counting accurately),representations (making it real life), spatial-sense (geometry), measurements, estimation, patterns, problem solving, etc. for all ages.

Embryonic Stem Cells


In our K-12 science curriculum, students embark on an enriching journey of discovery, exploring the wonders of the natural world from kindergarten through 12th grade. Through hands-on experiments, real-world applications, and interdisciplinary connections, students develop a deep understanding of scientific principles and methodologies. From foundational concepts like the scientific method and basic biology to more advanced topics such as physics, chemistry, and environmental science, our program equips students with the knowledge and skills to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. With each grade level, students delve deeper into scientific inquiry, honing their abilities to observe, analyze data, and draw evidence-based conclusions. By fostering a passion for exploration and inquiry, we inspire the next generation of scientists to make meaningful contributions to our world.

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Social Studies

Our school wide social studies program will help students analyze major historical documents, events and excavations that shaped the world we live in today.

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Fine Art

Our art programs are designed to promote creativity in children, allowing them to express themselves. We provide music, dance, drawing, painting, and poetic writingand expression to allow all students to find their creative talent.

Individualized Curriculum  Supportive Resources

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Lower School

At our K-5 school, we offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to nurture well-rounded students with a strong foundation in various subjects. In English language arts, students develop their communication skills through engaging activities that focus on speaking fluently, writing persuasively, and reading critically. Mathematics instruction emphasizes building a solid mathematical foundation while fostering a love for problem-solving and numerical reasoning. In science, students explore the wonders of the natural world, conducting experiments and learning about biological and physical phenomena. Social studies lessons delve into global cultures, past and present, encouraging students to become active learners who analyze historical questions and participate in discussions. Our fine arts program exposes students to a variety of artistic mediums, from visual arts to music and theater, fostering creativity and self-expression. Physical education is integral to our curriculum, ensuring students develop healthy habits and learn the importance of maintaining physical fitness. Together, these subjects provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success academically, socially, and emotionally.

Middle School


Our English curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower students in honing their communication abilities to their utmost potential. Our aim is for students to master articulate and impactful speech, precise and compelling writing, and insightful reading comprehension. Throughout their journey, students are guided to analyze, critique, and assess literature, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the written word.


At our middle school campus, our mathematics curriculum is dedicated to cultivating a strong mathematical foundation and fostering a lifelong passion for learning. We ensure that students are placed in classes suited to their developmental stage, aiming for each student to build confidence and experience academic growth while facing challenges. This approach nurtures a sense of curiosity about the mathematical realm, encouraging students to engage actively with the subject matter. Through a blend of daily instruction, integration of technology, and project-based learning, students embark on a journey of exploration and discovery within the world of mathematics.


Our science curriculum is thoughtfully designed to equip students for success in high school science courses while fostering a deep understanding of concepts in both biological and physical sciences and their real-world applications. We strive to instill an appreciation for the scientific method and its application, alongside developing a robust scientific vocabulary, laboratory skills, and problem-solving abilities. Emphasizing critical thinking, our curriculum guides students to proficiency in utilizing laboratory equipment appropriate for their grade level. Furthermore, we encourage students to recognize the interconnectedness of science with other academic disciplines. Each course culminates in a comprehensive semester assessment to gauge cumulative understanding and growth.

Social Studies

At the heart of our Social Studies curriculum lies the exploration of diverse global cultures, spanning both historical eras and contemporary societies. Our educators are dedicated to cultivating dynamic classroom environments where students take ownership of their learning journey, fostering self-directed learning skills essential for navigating the future. Through an inquiry-based approach, students actively engage in the analysis and evaluation of historical inquiries and topics, fostering critical thinking and participatory learning. Academic skills are systematically introduced and reinforced across grade levels, ensuring students develop a strong foundation for understanding and interpreting the complexities of our world.


In our 6-8 theology program, students engage in a rich exploration of religious traditions, ethics, and philosophical inquiry. Through discussions and experiential learning, they develop a deeper understanding of faith, morality, and the human experience. Our curriculum promotes respect, empathy, and interfaith dialogue, empowering students to live purposefully and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Physical Education

At our middle school, Physical Education is a mandatory component of every student's curriculum. Our program prioritizes the improvement of physical fitness for all students, irrespective of their athletic abilities. Through tailored training techniques, students are equipped with the skills to maintain optimal physical health throughout their lives. The curriculum covers a range of team and individual sports, providing students with opportunities to develop proficiency in various athletic activities. While participation in competitive sports teams is available, it complements rather than replaces Physical Education. Additionally, Health and Wellness education is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, ensuring students receive comprehensive instruction on maintaining both physical and mental well-being. For further details, please refer to the course description provided below.

Fine Arts

At our 6-8 fine arts program, students embark on a captivating journey across a spectrum of artistic mediums, spanning from the intricacies of drawing and painting to the rhythms of music, the drama of theater, and the grace of dance. Through immersive, hands-on experiences and a well-rounded curriculum, students cultivate not only technical proficiency but also a profound appreciation for the arts. Each year, they delve deeper into the rich tapestry of art history and cultural context, nurturing their creativity and avenues for self-expression. Our program serves as a platform for students to embrace their unique artistic talents and emerge as lifelong champions of the arts.

High School





(Two of the sciences must be lab sciences, three are recommended.)





*Beginning in the year 2023-24, the successful completion of two credits in one language at the Upper School is required for graduation.

PE/FITNESS: 1 — (1)


Old Testament Survey: 1/2 


New Testament Survey: 1/2 

FINE ARTS: 1 — (1)
(Can be two semester courses)


+ ELECTIVES: 1, 2, 3, — (3)


Middle School
High School
Lower School
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