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Our Admissions

Our admissions process is simple.
 Please make sure that you include all requested documents.


K-12 Enrollment Application and Tuition Rates

Please fill out all required information. 
Once completed, move on to the next step.




Receive an Interview Date
We will send an interview date within 2 business days to the primary email associated with the completed application form. We ask all hard Copy documents be brought to the office on the interview date.
Acceptance Letter
If accepted your child will receive an acceptance letter in your email and placement test date. They will also receive a hard copy of the acceptance letter on orientation day.
Pay Enrollment Fee
The Enrollment fee is non refundable if your child is accepted.
Start of Onboarding Process


They're Accepted! Now we will need your child to take a placement test. On their placement test date which must be taken on campus they will receive an acceptance package with school spirit paraphernalia. The placement test is a test to simply see where we can best help your child grow academically during the school year. We will send this date to you through the primary email provided. 
Interview Date
On Boarding
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