The mission of Academy of Excellence is to develop today’s leaders who will create a brighter future. We teach students to respect and value their education as a means to success and accomplishment in life. We focus on the development of the whole child. We provide academic, social, emotional, and intellectual educational activities.
We allow them to explore their world though hands-on activities and projects as they pursue their divine destiny and God-given purpose in life. Our focus is on the overall development of each student in providing an educational structure for all children to learn and lead and to become productive citizens who will also participate in
perpetual academic achievement for generations to come.


We will inspire students to become aware of their value as individuals in society, their value within their family structure, and their value as an educated individual. We will groom students to respect family history, education, social relationships, workplace ethics, and their community. They will become participants in the future economic, technical, and community develop of our changing society. The Academy of Excellence will play a pivotal role for our students’ crucible of cognitive learning as they continually develop and prepare to become leaders in tomorrow’s society and leave their legacy for the next generation or future generations.
Our students will dress with dignity to present themselves as tomorrow’s leaders in society. Our students will gain communication skills to enable them to properly articulate their opinions and to express their ideas and thoughts. Our students will respect the property, feelings, communication, and opinions of
others while confidently expressing their own. Our students will enjoy the process of educating themselves through the use of interactive curriculum materials, technology, open discussions and dialogue, and social skills development.

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